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We SKLYLINE APL, introduce ourselves as a Planning, Engineering and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consulting firm in Hyderabad India.SKLYLINE APL is a leading provider of Engineering Planning services such as Engineering consultants, Planning consultants, Urban Mapping, GIS Consultants, Topographical Surveys and Image Analysis.

Interms of GIS technologies use digital information with which various digitized data creation methods are implemented.We have extensive experience with Skilled technical staff through which you can experience the difference, Professional quality and on time delivery.SKLYLINE APL is a dependable partner for GIS, Remote sensing applications, 3D Visualisation and Modelling.SKLYLINE group has the potential to create GIS data layers from many formats whether it is database format or in hard copy format.

SKLYLINE APL provides Planning and Engineering consultants firm for Government agencies and Private Agencies. SKLYLINE has prepared and managed a number of large scale Master Plans and Individual Development Plans. We provide consulting services for all aspects of engineering developments including Urban Mapping, Preparation of Master plan, Development Plan, Slum Free City Plan, Traffic Management, Public facility planning and environmental services.


Skyline APL team of professionals have a strong planning background and due to this fact we understand the context of the project and the need for most appropriate data to perform an accurate analysis during the study. We are also highly capable of providing high quality output with the level of experience and professionalism unmatched in the industry.


• Preparation of Basemap

• Cadastral Mapping, Soil, Vegetation Mapping

• Surveying Techniques

• GIS Data Capture, 3D Modeling and Management

• HVAC Drawings and Construction drawings

Urban Planning 

• Preparation of Master plan, Development Plan

• Feasibility Studies, Slum Free City Plan

• Engineering Designs of approach Roads, Water canals and Underground drainage system

• Infrastructure Planning Assessment Documents


• Traffic Impact Studies

• Transportation related Studies

• Public Transit Planning

• Traffic Management

• Data Collection

Urban Planning Services


We provide requisite consulting services and technical studies with a multi-disciplinary approach to address the increasing demands of both the public and private agencies. SKYLINE APL offers a wide range of urban planning and design services. Our firm has the professional expertise and strength in working as part of multi-disciplinary teams wherein our professionals are often seen to take lead in coordinating such assignments and teams.

Slum Free City Plans

At Skyline APL, we are capable of preparing the slum free city plans. Our professionals are well versed in providing consulting services, peer review support, conduct training sessions and capacity building programs in relation to slum development plans.

Infrastructure Audit & Assessment

Our infrastructure assessment services cover wide range of sectors. Our approach to IAA includes, auditing of existing infrastructure, preparation of requisite maps via GIS tools, demand and supply of Infrastructure.

Feasibility Studies

Skyline APL has the capability of preparing feasibility studies for diversified projects. Our commercial approach, experience and total picture appreciation for complex projects ensure we provide sound, well founded and realistic advices. The services we offer in preparing the feasibility studies include market research, capitalize development yield analysis, site analysis and infrastructure needs assessment.

Traffic & Transportation

Skyline APL provides comprehensive consulting services in the field of transportation planning. Transportation planning is a primary step for all transportation engineering projects and involves establishing the operating parameters of a project, environmental issues, special studies and data collection needs for travel demand forecasts, traffic operations and corridor studies. Even for small community projects, transportation planning is as important as it is for large projects that involve multiple modes of transportation.

By considering multiple alternative scenarios, traffic studies enable to design infrastructure to meet the demand and needs efficiently and effectively. This also allows for flexibility of selecting low cost, low risk and high benefit alternatives for future needs.

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